Shildon in Motion

We are delighted to announce the transformation of Shildon Station and the new artistic gateway!

Images above by Scott Akoz Photography

An Artistic Gateway

New artwork celebrates Shildon past, present and future. The work has been developed by the creative team Sally Pilkington, Katy Milne and Nic Golightly and informed by the conversations and creative exchanges from the wonderful people of Shildon.

This artwork celebrates Shildon as a place of significance and a place of possibility for those that arrive, visit and pass through the area.

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Watch the film…

Be a part of the journey as it unfolds on screen.  Filmmaker Laura Degnan and Sam Slatcher of Citizen Songwriters, have been commissioned to bring together a piece of work reflecting the essence of the project, realising the input from those involved and the culmination of creativity.  

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