Research Trip

On Tuesday 01 October we embarked on an Artist Research Trip to explore the visitor experience of another form of rail based transport, namely the Metro and their adjoining stations. With an expert in the field to guide us – we had a beautifully crafted list of key stops along the way.

Take a look at…

We visited 46 nexus metro station platforms to explore the design features, art works and the visitor arrival experience to help us to think about aspects of our Shildon in Motion Project. How do visitors experience a welcome from these stations? What is important and what has the greatest overall effect?

Sunderland Station moving light artwork

Creating a Moment

Our plan is for people to feel important and valued when they arrive at the Shildon Station.  The platform design/artwork will bring something different, a little ‘moment’. There are lots of interesting devices to help us explore this as we celebrate the heritage, innovation, people and place. These might include plaques, vinyls, waymarkers, the signage, the platform floor…

The Whole Experience

It’s not just about beautifying the station, our plan is to use the furniture and feature of the platform to create an overall impact.  We will bring together these aspects using design features such as colour and pattern as well as add some key artistic ideas. These may explore typography, light…the possibilities are endless at this point in the process!

The research trip showed us something very important. This project is beyond artwork placed in a space. This is about working with people, further building our existing relationships and creating a space which honours them and enhances their daily experience through a visual language which exists in an environment they directly engage with.

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