Show and Tell

As part of our research and development phase, on Tuesday 08 October 2019, we met with some fantastic people from Shildon who care passionately about its heritage and its future. It was a great morning at Locomotion, full of sharing stories, interesting items and good ideas. 

Guests included residents, volunteers, historians and those who had ‘served their time at “The Works”’.

We shared insights and experiences over tea and cake.

Thoughts so far…

Some of the stories were about the place and some were about the people of Shildon and their experiences. It was good to hear about Kitty Sanderson’s journal from the 1880’s, the pocketwatch given by Timothy Hackworth, the LNER whistle, the time capsule situated in ‘Dave Camp’s house and other exciting items and tales that give us better understanding of what it felt like to be from Shildon. Some interesting ideas for possible devices to use in the station design to mull over…

The stories illustrated the importance of the circumstances and conditions of the time (the industrial revolution) and the significance of this to Shildon in being able to create the first passenger railway. The geology of the place, the positioning, the people and the circumstances all contribute to the possibility of things.

Then and Now…

The ‘Show and Tell get together’ illustrated the rich heritage within Shildon. It clearly demonstrated the wealth of knowledge and resource that has been lovingly captured and documented over time. All of which reveal interesting stories and can spark the imagination.

It also clearly highlighted, with those people sat in front of us, that there are amazing stories, fantastic people and wonderful things happening and developing now. It’s important that the results of this project reflect the significance of both the then and the now.

The challenge…

The challenge is to delve a little deeper through our research and development, to work with others to capture more ideas and be fully informed and to transform all of this into a new platform area through the power of art and design.

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