Brilliant people from Shildon

On Tuesday 15 October we met with some brilliant people from Shildon.

We spent the morning with Alan Elwood from the Local History Club who brought some amazing items and stories from the area.

Alan has a rich knowledge of history of the area and some fantastic resources and items he kindly shared.

We were privileged to read the letter that was hidden in a time capsule from 1854. The letter looked forward to the future and talked to the reader now about life and experiences from the time.  We were moved and inspired by the idea of working with young people as part of the project, reflecting this original idea, to look forward to the future of Shildon as well as its fabulous past.

We also met some fantastic residents from the Jubilee Fields area of Shildon who have a passion for making positive things happen in the area.

There are some developments and exciting aspects of regeneration taking place around the area and some interesting ways to connect up.

Its important to celebrate the fabulous things going on in the area now through this work.

We are looking forward to the next stage of this work as we are situated in public spaces and hear from residents about their experiences of living in and being from this great place.

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