In Residence

On Tuesday 12 November and Thursday 14 November we took up residency in Shildon Library and Jubilee Fields Community Centre. Through the creation of artists books we provided the opportunity for meaningful discussion with those who live, work or have grown up in this place. 

It was an exciting opportunity to speak to people and further our understanding of the wealth of history of this place but also the opportunity and possibilities it possesses for now and the future. 

The people we met have had a strong sense of place and celebrate the significant history of the area and the railway.

Through the prompts of ‘past’ and ‘present’ we discussed the building blocks for the future and ways in which we can reimagine. We talked with people about ways to use this history to inspire the future generations to create and making thing happen and encourage a self-belief that they can achieve and that Shildon is a great place to be and be a part of.

The books will form an artists zine that will celebrate the input and contribution of those we have spoken and worked with.

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