Meeting in March

We met with the Bishop Rail Community Partnership at the beginning of March to update on how the Shildon in Motion project has been going, information we have gathered from our many interactions and to share where this is leading us in terms of design, style and plans for the Shildon station platform.

Although we are all in very extraordinary and challenging times at the moment, our project is still developing, and we are working towards the final outcome.  Community is so important, and we intend to recognise and celebrate Shildon and its community – its past, present and future – through the new look and feel of the platform. The final work will be informed by the people we met, the community spirit of the place and its rich and significant heritage. We are just extending our timeline and looking towards a different time in the year to install, share the new work and get together to celebrate.

We are looking forward to that time.

Nic prepared a Zine (a little magazine) that captured many of the 110 voices we had heard from. We also added some images of the platform and visualised the opportunities there are where new design/imagery could be displayed at the station.

Shildon In Motion Zine

We also shared a short design style guide which featured the kinds of style, design features and colours that will be used across the platform to create a visual impact.

We are working on the designs and developing these ideas further, so we are ready to make things happen when we are all in a different position.

Take care.

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